The end of April arrives, the beginning of May, and the sun shines with all its splendor. The days get longer, and on weekends you want to spend time outdoors. It’s hot, and the body asks to release the pool, but … The water is freezing!

If this is your case, Jumitoldo, and your R & D team has the solution. We have the largest offer of thermal blankets of different weights, 400 microns, 600 microns and 800 microns, with bubbles up to 16 mm wide, with which you can heat naturally and sustainable pool water more than 8 ºC .

Do you know what a thermal blanket is?

A thermal blanket for swimming pools is a bubble canvas specially designed to cover the pools and take advantage of the heat collected and stored by those bubbles to heat the water. The bubble sheet that makes up the blanket may have bubbles with a smaller diameter, or with a larger diameter. The larger the diameter and the higher the concentration of bubbles, the more heat is retained.

What do the bubbles do?

Each bubble stores inside the heat collected by the canvas, and is able to transmit this heat to the water, heating it naturally. Let’s say that if in a normal pool, in the middle of May, a conventional tarpaulin is able to absorb the heat corresponding to 30ºC that can be received in broad daylight, with bubble canvas, that heat is transferred to water, whose temperature it is heated in the order of between 6 and 10 ºC.

Heat, cleanliness and sustainability

Those of us who have pools know that we have to cover them with canvases so they do not get dirty. You can always choose to cover it with a normal canvas, and continue with your cool water, but … And if we take advantage of technology for something else?

With a bubble canvas you protect the water from the inclemency and dirtiness, you prevent the water from evaporating, but also, you heat it to extend the natural use of your pool, and to be able to bathe from the beginning of May until last October.

You dare?