Are you thinking of taking advantage of the natural heat to protect and heat your pool? 
Well, you're in luck In Jumitoldo we have the largest commercial offer in thermal blankets for swimming pools 
or also called bubble canvas, of a premium quality and exceptional treatment. 
Did you know that our service has 10 unique details that you surely do not know? 
We tell you all today in our blog.
1-. Built-in lateral reinforcement

2-. Rewinder of two types at your disposal
3-. Two colors, sky blue and elegant silver
4-. Three grams of bubble canvas: 400 microns, 600 microns and 800 microns.

5-. Shipping costs only 14.90 express delivery. In 24 hours you have it.
6-. Personalized attention, we sell it to you, we advise you on how to assemble it and its care, both via telephone and with our YouTube tutorials.
7- You can buy them online, by WhatsApp, by email, by phone and if you are an Amazon user, also there.
8-. Trusted company. We are experts in solar protection with more than 25 years of experience. We have physical store in Jumilla, and serve with a smile of a lifetime.
9-. 2 years warranty. We are so sure that you will love our canvases, that we answer for them for two years.
10-. All possible pool sizes. We have standardized models and we also serve à la carte.
Do you still need more reasons to bet on us? Well here is one more: Love for our work.
Heat up to 8 degrees of water in your pool with the greenest energy possible. Sun + bubble canvas = warm pool all year round.
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