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Sizes and prices of solar bubble blankets

Reinforcement at zero cost!
All our bubble canvases have a reinforcement on one of the sides if we want to place a roller for the collection of the canvas.

Winders for solar pool covers

Winder for solar pool cover (solar bubble blanket)

Professional winder kit for solar bubble blanket

Winders are really useful as well as essential for keeping your solar bubble blanket tidy. This kit includes buttonholes and tighteners to join any kind of solar cover blanket and the winder together. Duty wheels, handle wheel for easy rolling and unrolling and high resistance steel. And it fits in ground pools up to 7.25 meters!

There are three different models available:

  • BASIC Winder: 4.00-5.50 meters. Tube 80mm – Price: 199.65€ IVA included
    (Check shipping costs).
  • PLUS Winder: 4.00-5.50 meters. Tube 100mm – Price: 332.75€ IVA included
    (Check shipping costs).
  • MAXI-PLUS Winder: 5.40-7.25 meters. Tube 80mm – Price: 433.18€ IVA
    included (Check shipping costs).


What is a solar bubble blanket or thermal blanket bubble type?

Solar bubble blankets (also called thermal blankets or solar covers) are an essential product to keep the temperature of your swimming pool water and protect it from dirt. Not only are they the best way to save
money (you can reduce the consumption of chemical and cleaning products) but they also give the best temperature condition for your pool as they help to keep warmth and to prevent heat-loss during the night.
Trough using our solar bubble blanket the evaporation process is obstructed and you can both save water and money as well as extend your swimming season.

Reinforcement for your solar bubble blanket
Reinforcement for your solar bubble blanket

Reinforcement for your solar bubble blanket

All of our solar bubble blankets have a one side support or reinforcement for winder attachment. This reinforcement is free!

Can I use my solar bubble blanket during the winter?

No, you can’t. This covers are to use during summer in order to extend the swimming season as they increase the temperature of water.

Are they easy to assemble?

It depends on the size of your swimming pool. For small sized swimming pools they are easy to fix. For bigger size swimming pool there are winders (Basic, Plus and Maxi plus) that make it easier the job.

How can I adapt it to my swimming pool?

They are easy to adapt. You just need a pair of scissors to cut it according to your swimming pool shape.

How much will it increase the temperature of the water?

We offer an appropriate bubble (400 microns) that can increase the temperature of the water up to 8 degrees Celsius.

What type of bubble is the one I need?

400 microns is the ideal size for any kind of swimming pool.

How much does it last?

With appropriate care the solar bubble blanket lasts around 5 years.

Why are our products cheaper than others’ suppliers?

Because our products are mass-produced. We have five models in different formats and so you can get important discounts.

How much are the solar bubble blankets?

6.98€ / square meter (IVA is included).

Shipping costs vary depending on the province where we send the solar bubble blanket. If you want to know the final price, add the shipping cost to the product (check table). Don’t forget you can also get a winder to make things easier.

Please fill in the form and choose the size of solar bubble blanket you need. We will contact you for further information about the purchase.

How can I book my solar bubble blanket in Jumitoldo?

Just fill in the form and we will contact you for further information about the final price and payment method. Once you have made the transfer you will enjoy your solar bubble blanket in 24-48 hours (if available;
otherwise we will send your product as soon as possible)

How can I get further information about the solar bubble blanket or other products? Fill in the form to book or to ask for any further information you need. Notice no bank account information is asked in the form.

Remember all of our solar bubble blankets have a one side support or reinforcement for winder attachment. This reinforcement is free for our clients!


To protect your bubble canvas blanket you can use this protective case, which reflects the heat of the sun, thanks to its technology. Its light blue surface reflects the rays of the sun and with its black back prevents light from penetrating the blanket. This cover can reduce the temperature of a cover stored in more than 30 ° C, thus avoiding irreversible damage to the bubble mat.
When a solar bubble blanket is not used it should be protected, otherwise it can suffer serious damage by its exposure to sunlight. This can be avoided thanks to the protective cover we offer.

Totally recommended to protect the tarps of our swimming pools !, we buy a case and everything is very well collected.

J.M. Gómez

Protective cover for solar blanket - Jumitoldo

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Advantages of our products:

  • These solar covers (solar bubble blankets) are available in different sizes. They all have a one side support or reinforcement for winder attachment.
  • The solar bubble blanket increases the temperature of water up to 8 degrees Celsius
  • Save water! The evaporation process is obstructed
  • Save money! Reduce chemical and cleaning products consumption
  • Reduce waste pollution
  • Decrease energy consumption up to 60%. Extend your swimming season
  • You will receive your solar bubble blanket in a bag with instructions to adapt it to your
    swimming pool size
  • Very easy to use and place


Video of the installation of solar bubble blankets

How to assemble a canvas roller for swimming pools