PREMIUM MODEL (800 microns)

EXCLUSIVE for Spain: we combine the thickness of 800 microns with the bubble of 16mm, thus creating the best thermal blanket on the market. Ideal for the coldest areas.

PLUS+ MODEL (600 microns)

The highest quality for its special bubble of 16mm

BLUE-500 MODEL (500 microns)

Great variety of sizes in a 500 micron very recommended for all types of pools

ELEGANCE MODEL (400 microns silver special)

Improves water retention due to its special silver film.

CLASSIC MODEL (400 microns)

The thermal pool blanket with the best value for money

Advantages of our products

Our thermal blankets for swimming pools (bubble canvas) are made in different sizes to adapt perfectly to your pool and have reinforcement on one side in case you ever want to place a reel. Also, we have several qualities, from lowest to highest micron thickness in the manufacturing: 400, 500, 600 and 800 microns.

The canvases get an increase in the water temperature of the pool of up to 8ºC. On the other hand, we avoid soiling the pool, save water by avoiding its evaporation and also save on chemical products. In this way, waste pollution is reduced, energy consumption is reduced by up to 60% and the bathing season is extended.

Instructions for adapting it to the exact measurements of your pool are provided in the thermal blanket bag. They really are very easy to adapt to your pool, with a simple cut to scissors and placement.

Warning: it is very important that the canvas has a lateral reinforcement, otherwise it is impossible to collect with a roller. Our company, unlike others, offers in all formats of canvas that we sell this reinforcement on one of the sides.


  • Thickness: 400 microns
  • Blue Color
  • Price: 6,98€/m2 (VAT included)


  • Thickness: 400 microns
  • Silver-Blue Color
  • Price: 7,89€/m2 (VAT included)

BLUE-500 Model

  • Thickness: 500 microns
  • Blue Color
  • Price: VAT included

PLUS+ Model

  • Thickness: 600 microns
  • Blue Color
  • Price: VAT included 


  • Thickness: 800 microns
  • Blue Color
  • Price: VAT included


(Blue color, 600 microns)


(Blue color, 800 microns) · Ideal for the coldest areas


(Blue color, 500 microns)


(Blue color, 400 microns)


(Silver-Blue color, 400 microns)






The covers are indicated for when the bubble canvas (thermal blankets) are several days collected without using them, or for the winter when they must spend long periods collected.

We have four models of covers, although you must take into account that the 8×4 case also serves to store the thermal blankets of 9.50×4.


Frequently asked questions

What is a bubble wrap, solar blanket or thermal blanket for swimming pools?

Bubble tarpaulins (also called thermal blankets or solar blankets) are a necessary product to conserve the water temperature of your pool and protect it from dirt. It is the best way to save on chemical products and to achieve optimal air conditioning of your pool as they help to conserve temperature and avoid heat losses that occur during the night. We achieve a saving of water by avoiding its evaporation and thus the bathing season is extended.

Reinforcement for bubble canvas

All our bubble canvases have a reinforcement on one of the sides if we want to place a roller for the collection of the canvas. This reinforcement is included in the price at no additional cost to you.

Are they used to cover the pool in winter?

No, these thermal blankets are only used in summer to lengthen the bathing season as we increase the water temperature.