One of the questions. Our technical service, expert in the cover of swimming pools with this type of bubble canvas is always done enchanted, a warning before the purchase, either online or in the store.
If you are thinking about covering and protecting your pool, and at the moment you can read and write on your site. We, in Jumitoldo, are leaders in the sector, and we have a representation of the highest quality canvas and best durability in the market. Using our WhatsApp service we will solve any doubt at the moment so that you can make the best decision.

Thermal blanket pool jumitoldo
Reinforcement at zero cost!
All our bubble canvases have a reinforcement on one of the sides if we want to place a roller for the collection of the canvas.

How are bubble sheets different?
The canvases of the bubbles differ, in their external part, in the color. In Jumitoldo you will find two colors, blue and silver.

In its internal part, the difference is in the size of the bubbles. With more bubbles and more concentration, more calories are able to receive, store and transmit our blanket. Therefore, in warm territories, with a 400-micron tarpaulin, it will be sufficient to obtain water up to 8ºC, and in colder zones, the use of 600 and even 800 microns is recommended.

Another doubt is usually the size. In this article the lines of the different modes of standardization are included, however, as you can also see the lines of the meters, you can cut with scissors from the canvas until it fits your pool.

Reel for Sunscreen
Reel to collect the thermal blanket

How is it placed?
Once the order was placed, the canvas arrived, folded, in a package, and was unfolded, unfolded, helped, activated, activated, activated, activated and had the possibility of removing it quickly. The canvas can easily be folded back around the edges or pulled to the side.

In Jumitoldo you can acquire, not only your canvas, but also your wrapper. Bubble Canvas | Sunscreen

What guarantee does the product have?
Two years warranty

Where can I buy it?
You can go to our physical store in Jumilla, or through our website, buy it online: